How can businesses support Indiana college students?

Many of America’s business leaders are currently struggling to find the right candidates to fill positions in their organizations. According to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce annual statewide workforce survey, 74 percent of businesses acknowledge the challenge in finding qualified employees — with 24 percent identifying this as the biggest challenge they face.

But businesses can play an active role in developing a well-prepared workforce. By providing opportunities for students to gain experience within your organization through internships, work-study programs, or volunteer opportunities, you help current students build skills that prepare them to enter the workforce right after school. In fact, a recent study by Northwestern University found that 80 percent of employers look for new hires with these experiences. Yet, despite gains in the number of business-education partnerships in Indiana’s K-12 schools and colleges, The Indiana Chamber’s workforce survey found that 28 percent of businesses are not involved with area schools, but would like to be.

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Get connected in your community

Learn More Indiana’s College Success Coalition is a network of state and local organizations – including business leaders – working to increase college access and success across the state. College Success Coalitions develop and implement efforts that support all students in completing education and training after high school. Member organizations serve a variety of audiences, but share the common goal of increasing post-secondary education attainment in their community. Click here for information on how to join your county College Success Coalition.

Help students become career ready

Experience in working environments is essential to guide students when making career decisions. Your organization can help by participating in a career fair, offering job-shadowing experiences or facility tours and developing an internship program. Use the resources below for information on developing career ready programs in your organizations.

Support returning adult students

Nearly 750,000 Hoosier adults have some college but no degree. Join employers across the state that are stepping up to encourage their employees to return to school, offering tuition assistance, flexible hours and other incentives to enrich the lives of their workforce. To learn more about You Can. Go Back. visit:

Consider partnering with a college to develop an internship program.

Find Indiana colleges that have degree programs in your industry.