By Kenzie Hock✌️ Indiana Commission for Higher Education

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There can be no doubt that the start of a new school year brings a rush of many emotions. It’s exciting to think about seeing your friends every day, showing off new school supplies and starting a new sports season. Still, with the start of school also comes a long list of things to think about and an even longer list of things to do.

Whether you can’t wait to crack the crease of that brand new literature book, or you’re trying to hang on for dear life to the last few seconds of summer freedom, we’re all in this together. Check out these 3 ways to bop to the top during the start of something new this school year.

1. Continue to enjoy the warm weather (at the State Fair)

Let’s face it, even though breaks during the school year are growing longer, summer break is consistently getting shorter. Whether you’re in the brainiac club or not, earlier first days of school are a reality. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy warm weather while doing something that would make Mrs. Darbus proud.

Attend the Indiana State Fair and visit the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s booth to learn more about your higher education, FAFSA and scholarship options. There’s only one week left to take advantage of fried food and free college and career guidance!


Friday, July 30 – Sunday, August 22


Exop Hall #236

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2. Follow the Learn More Indiana social media pages

Troy may not have been able to post videos on Tik Tok, but we sure can. Follow our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter while keeping an eye out for the Tik Tok we are creating soon. You can stay informed on opportunities that will help you make your dreams a reality. If you reach out to us on social media, you may even get a chance to be featured on our platforms.




3. Read the Learn More Indiana Magazines

Challenge the status quo with us and dig into the Learn More Indiana magazines here. A resource made for students, these magazines can help you focus on the most fabulous possibilities for your future (even if they don’t include iced tea imported from England). Plus, there is even a scholarship opportunity included in the pages to earn $529 towards your education.

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Overall, with the start of something new this school year, we believe you can really bop to the top by following these 3 steps to make this school year one for the books. Following your dreams will feel as easy as winning the Wildcat championship game and pulling together an epic musical at the same time. We all knew Troy and Gabriella would come through in the end, and we believe you can too.

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