You’re so close to being done with high school, let’s goooo! 📢insert airhorn sound📢
And while some of you may have the next 5 years of your life mapped out in the planner you bought from Staples, most of us didn’t know exactly what we were doing post graduation—which is 100% OK!🤷‍♂️

Enter this blog post: the 5 most important things you should do this year to help prepare for whatever comes next.

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1. File the FAFSA

Yes, you’re probably annoyed with how often we talk about the FAFSA… BUT, it’s true that even if you aren’t sure you want to go to college, filing the FAFSA will only give you more options. If you know you’re going to college or thinking about going, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will help you pay for the cost. Cause let’s get real—college ain’t cheap.

Before you file, check out our blog on the different types of financial aid available on the FAFSA, and use the Scholarship Finder Tool to see your options.

Free money for college

If you and your family need help filing, call our friends at INvestEd at 317-715-9007. They are professionals whose job is to help families before, during and after college by showing them how to maximize FREE money and graduate with the least amount of debt possible.

2. Take or re-take a college entrance exam (SAT/ACT)

A lot of colleges require taking the SAT/ACT. Even if they don’t, keep in mind that taking the SAT/ACT is a good way to secure additional scholarships. See here for upcoming SAT dates and here for upcoming ACT dates.

3. Submit applications

Be sure to submit your college, apprenticeship, military, certificate and career certification applications. Even if you’re not sold on pursuing any type of education and training program after graduation, submit the applications so that you have options in the future. Don’t shy away from submitting an application for something just because you’re not 100% sure about it. If it sounds moderately interesting, DO IT! And, if you need help or guidance submitting, we’ve got you.

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4. Find other scholarships

After you file your FAFSA, you’ll want to apply for other scholarships, too. Applying for scholarships can be a big lift, but there are plenty that only require a little work! Check out Fastweb’s list of scholarships, or do a quick Google search. It’s 2022. You know how to Google.

5. Explore your options

It shouldn’t be surprising that not all colleges are the right fit for everyone. That’s why it’s extremely important to find one you truly love before investing your time and money. And college visits are one way to do that! If you’re unable to visit in person, check out some virtual tour options for colleges here in Indiana (just click the “show table” button).

Using our School Finder Tool is also a great way to find a college based on your interests. There are tons of options when it comes to choosing a school. But ultimately, the decision is yours!

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No matter what your future plans entail, education and training programs after high school are a great way to ensure you have more options and opportunities moving forward. Your senior year is exciting, but it might also be super stressful. If you need general guidance, a person to talk to or even someone to vent to, send us a message and we’ll help you through it!

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