How can I find a job I will love?

Exploring your interests can help you set goals for the rest of your life. Like planning a trip, you line up what you want to do with the path to take you there. Ask yourself questions about what you like to do and what you are interested in.

Musicians, actors and artists often work for design firms, advertising agencies, production companies and recording studios.
There are lots of jobs in the healthcare sector, like physicians, nurses, physical therapists and nutritionists.
Law enforcement, fire safety, and community center/parks management are good opportunities to give back.
Consider a career as an elementary school teacher, a pediatric nurse, a daycare worker or a speech therapist.
A career as a financial advisor, an actuary, an insurance underwriter or an accountant will have you working with numbers.
Look into careers as a veterinary technician or veterinarian, a groomer, an animal behaviorist, a zoologist or a biologist.
Perhaps a career as an architect, engineer or contractor is in your future.
A career in social work, counseling or nonprofit management might be for you.
A career as a construction worker, an electrician, a massage therapist, a restaurant cook or an auto technician/mechanic may be a good fit for you.
A career in pharmacy, research or chemical engineering might be a good fit for you.
Research careers in event planning, fundraising, sales, public relations or realty.
Consider a career in sports management, coaching, equipment sales or personal training.


Discover your path

Visit Indiana Career Explorer to access more resources like skills assessments, interest surveys and more. Just create your profile to get started! Once there you can:

  • Take the career interests survey. In this survey, you can narrow down some career options by ranking the activities you like to do. When you’re finished, your highest ranked interests will match you with careers you may enjoy.
  • Take the skills assessment. Everyone is good at something. Some people are better with numbers. Some people are visual learners. During this assessment, you’ll just mark how confident you are doing certain activities, and the results will list careers that require the skills you’re the best at.
  • Take the work values assessment. How do you want your work-life balance to look? Do you want to work a more traditional “9-5” job? Maybe you see yourself working in a very hands-on role. How much money do you want to make? These are all important things to consider. This assessment will help you find out what matters most to you in your career and in your lifestyle.


Going back to school?

A new career starts with a new degree.