Each career requires a different type of degree. Some may require specialized training in a specific field or earning an associate degree. Others may require many years of advanced study — like doctorate degrees. Some careers require special accreditation or a degree from an accredited college. You may also consider adding a minor. For example, foreign language minors can help a business degree stand out when you start your job search. Take some time to explore the degrees that the jobs you like require. Then once you start your college search make sure the colleges you apply to offer those degrees or a path to get you there.

See below to get an idea of the degree requirements for some of the top careers in Indiana. Find out more about the different types of degrees here. Or, learn more about majors and careers at bigfuture.

Special Training or Apprenticeship

1-5 years
CAREERS INCLUDE: office manager, sales representative, manufacturing supervisor, law enforcement officer, construction worker, carpenter, fireman, air traffic controller


1-2 years
CAREERS INCLUDE: truck driver, licensed practical nurse, industrial machinery mechanic, plumber, maintenance supervisor, construction supervisor, electrician, machinist, phlebotomist, fitness instructor, veterinary technician

Associate Degree

2 years
CAREERS INCLUDE: dental hygienist, insurance agent, respiratory therapist, radiology technician, occupational therapist, avionics technician, sonographer, medical records technician

Bachelor’s Degree

4 years
CAREERS INCLUDE: registered nurse, K-12 teacher, general manager, accountant, mechanical engineer, medical services manager, industrial engineer, computer systems analyst, software developer, network systems administrator

Master’s Degree

Bachelor's + 2 years
CAREERS INCLUDE: nurse practitioner, counselor, financial manager, director of engineering, school administrator, clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, physician assistant, audiologist, architect

Doctorate or Professional Degree

Master's + 4-6 years
CAREERS INCLUDE: college professor, pharmacist, family physician, lawyer, physical therapist, dentist, psychologist, geneticist, astrophysicist, anthropologist, research scientist

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