Your strengths and interests will often point you toward a particular industry or career cluster. Your skills may be useful in more than one area–or in multiple careers within the same area. The Indiana Department of Education identifies 12 career clusters, along with pathways, to help you determine which high school and college courses you should take to get there. You can preview the clusters below and see a sample of the careers within or visit the Indiana Department of Education website to learn more.  Remember, making the right choice today can eliminate tough choices in the future.


The agriculture field is all about producing, processing, and distributing items like food, natural resources and horticulture.

CAREERS INCLUDE: farmer, packaging engineer, florist, pest control manager

Architecture & Construction

Careers in architecture and construction include designing, building and maintaining residential, commercial and other buildings.

CAREERS INCLUDE: general contractor, architect, property manager

Arts & Communication

A career in the arts is a creative path. You may be designing, writing, performing or creating films and other multimedia content.

CAREERS INCLUDE: graphic designer, journalist, videographer

Business & Marketing

Careers in business involve planning, organizing and directing businesses to sell products or services and make a profit.

CAREERS INCLUDE: account manager, marketing executive, entrepreneur

Education & Training

Careers in education allow you to prepare students for their future. This can include teaching, planning, training or providing other support.

CAREERS INCLUDE: teacher, school administrator, special needs educator, training coordinator

Health Sciences

The health science field is about helping people thrive in life. This includes bio-research of new drugs, diagnostics and health management.

CAREERS INCLUDE: physical therapist, hospital administrator, nurse, physician

Hospitality & Human Services

The hospitality field focuses on the management and operations of restaurants, lodging and recreation. Human services focuses on emotional care.

CAREERS INCLUDE: hotel manager, chef, counselor, social worker

Information Technology

Careers in IT focus on the design, development and support of hardware, software and multimedia, often for large companies.

CAREERS INCLUDE: software developer, programmer, IT manager


Manufacturing involves turning raw materials into final products. This includes production planning, quality, maintenance and engineering.

CAREERS INCLUDE: quality control manager, production supervisor, machinist

Public Safety

Public Safety careers involve planning and providing for people’s safety, often in emergency situations.

CAREERS INCLUDE: policeman, fireman, EMT/paramedic


S.T.E.M. stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Careers in this cluster require being skilled in logic and reasoning.

CAREERS INCLUDE: engineer, chemist, microbiologist


Transportation careers include planning and managing the movement of people, materials and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water.

CAREERS INCLUDE: pilot, logistics supervisor, automotive technician

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