How can I do well in an interview?

You’ve sent in your resume and you’ve gotten called for an interview. Now what? Follow these steps to ace your meeting and land the position.

Step 1: Research the company.

One of the best ways to show enthusiasm for a job is to research both the company and the position for which you are being interviewed. Employers are impressed by well-informed jobseekers. Before arriving for an interview, you should know what the company does, how large it is, and what role you could play in its organization. With these facts, you can show how your qualifications match the company’s needs. The company’s website is usually the best place to begin. If you know other employees at the company, ask them about it.

Step 2: Be prepared for the interview.

Dress professionally and make sure to arrive on time. These things really show you care about the position and respect the employer. Many people are nervous when interviewing. But remember, you have been asked to interview for the job because the employer believes you could be right for it. The interview is your chance to confirm that belief. Stay comfortable and confident. Smile warmly and shake hands, make eye contact and maintain good posture. These small things will make you feel more confident, and impress those you meet.

Step 3: Follow up!

Don’t forget to send a “thank you” to the interviewer for meeting with you. It’s a thoughtful gesture and can show how much you care about the position. A handwritten note or a professional and concise email can make all the difference.



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