How can I finish school faster?

Accelerated degree programs let you complete a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in a shorter timeframe than traditional degree programs. Usually, the accelerated programs are offered at the same colleges that offer traditional degree programs. Accelerated programs can save time, getting you into a job faster; however, there are some considerations. These programs often require you to attend classes with no breaks between. Classes may be compressed in 8-week terms, instead of the 16-week semesters of the traditional programs. Usually, schools suggest students in accelerated programs not be employed because of the large time commitment.

Accelerated degrees may be available for all students, but some have minimum age requirements and are often part of special degree programs for adult learners. Several traditional colleges offer adult-learning programs, which in addition to accelerated degrees may also include online courses, evening classes, real-world experience opportunities and academic support.


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