What are some good study tips for college?

In college, classes are more advanced, and the majority of your grade comes from only a few exams and assignment. Succeeding will require a lot of studying. A good rule to follow is to spend two hours of study time for every hour you spend in class per week. For instance, for a course that’s two hours per week, plan for four hours of studying or working on assignments. Developing good study habits as soon as possible will help you keep on top of your workload in college.

It’s smart to make a daily schedule and commit to it. A well-planned weekly routine will help you get studying done and leave you enough room to enjoy breaks. Find a location free of distractions. Try turning off your phone and other devices while you’re studying.

Think about your study style. Do you work better early in the morning or late at night? Do you like reading over your notes after class, or is it better to return to it after you’ve had a break? Try a few different ways to study to find what works best for you.

Download this Hitting the Books worksheet to help you plan your college study routine.

What steps should you take?

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