When should I choose my major?

Your major is the subject you will spend the most time studying. If you don’t know what your major will be when you start college, that’s okay! Having a general idea of what field you’re interested in — such as medical or business — will help you choose a college that offers degree programs that fit your goals. For most degree programs, your first one to two years in college will be spent taking general education courses. So even if you don’t know your specific major, it’s still important to enroll in college on time and work with your advisor to make sure you’re signed up for the right courses.

Once you’ve decided on a major, you can make sure it’s right for you by exploring your skills and interests. You should also talk to professionals in your field to make sure you’ll like the job after you graduate. An internship is a great way to experience what working in a specific field will be like. Get help finding a career that fits you, here.

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