Should I get involved in activities on campus?

The more involved you are in your campus community, the more meaningful — and more fun — your college experience will be. There are plenty of reasons to make the most of your time outside the classroom. Most of all, you’ll be building a community for yourself. You have an opportunity to create new circles of friends. By meeting new people, you create a sense of belonging at your school. You’ll also get a chance to find new interests and boost your resume by joining clubs and developing interpersonal skills.

How do I get involved?
  • Join a school club. College websites usually have a page for student activities and organizations.
  • Look for volunteer opportunities. Community service activities are great experiences, and some colleges even offer academic credit for volunteer work.
  • Participate in recreational sports. Many colleges have intramural team sports, fitness classes, and more. Look for flyers on campus or information on the school’s website to find when these classes or clubs meet.
  • Attend special events. Throughout the year, college campuses host theatrical performances, special speakers, symposiums, and more. Many of these events are free or discounted for students. Check your campus calendar for a schedule.

Download this worksheet to get more ideas for how to make the most of your college experience.

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