How can I make sure I graduate on time?

Aside from completing your college plan, there are other ways to make sure you graduate on time — or even early.

15 To Finish

If you are a full-time college student, you should prepare yourself to take at least 15 credits each fall and spring semester. Otherwise, you may not be able to earn all the credits you’ll need to graduate on time. Additional semesters could cost you thousands of dollars, even if you’re only taking one class.

Commit to a Major

The most important thing you can do to finish college on time is commit to a college major — the subject you will spend the most time studying. Changing your major will change your graduation requirements and is likely to make some of the courses you’ve already taken invalid for your new requirements.

Summer Semesters

Earning credits in the summer could help you earn your degree in fewer semesters, or could help you catch up if you’re not able to take 15 credits in each of your spring and fall semesters. Some colleges even discount their tuition rates during the summer semester, so it pays to ask. See which courses your college offers, or enroll at a community college or regional campus to save money on tuition. Just be sure to check with your college advisor to make sure any courses you take at another college will transfer back to your permanent institution.

Community College Classes

If you are planning on a four-year degree, you may be able to start your college education at a two-year community college. Community college courses are cheaper and many transfer directly to Indiana’s four-year institutions. Learn how courses transfer among Indiana’s colleges here.

Dual-Credit Courses

If you’re still in high school, take advantage of dual-credit courses that allow you to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. In college, you can earn credit for multiple classes, too. You can finish your degree quickly if you plan to take courses that count towards two or more requirements. Your advisor can help you plan for these classes.

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