What’s the best way to keep my grades up?

Attend Class

College has a lot of flexibility, which can make it seem like skipping classes is okay. But professors often cover information in lectures and discussions that you can’t find in the reading material.

Get Help

Your professors are there to help you succeed in class and in college. Introduce yourself to them, and take advantage of their office hours if you have questions. Stay an active, engaged participant in class. Colleges offer tutors and other forms of extra help for you to use. Look into joining a study group or finding a partner from class to work with.

Keep Up With Your Syllabi

Most professors will provide a class syllabus — an overview of what topics will be covered during the course and a list of assignments, exams and due dates, as well as class policies. Use the syllabus to help you plan ahead for studying, completing homework and preparing for exams. Complete reading assignments before class so you can participate in discussions and ask questions.

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