How can I best manage my time in college?

Between going to class and studying, being a full-time college student is a lot of work. You’ll spend less time in class, and more time studying and preparing assignments on your own than you did in high school. It’s important to manage your time inside and outside of class so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Meet with your advisor. They can help you develop a class schedule that will keep you from stacking classes too closely, or not leaving enough time for studying.
  • Explore first-year programs. There are summer-bridge programs, orientations, first-year seminars, and mentoring programs that can help you plan your schedule.
  • Make a schedule and commit to it. A well-planned weekly routine will help you get studying done, and it will leave you enough room to enjoy breaks. See a sample schedule below.
  • Join a club or student organization. This is a great way to meet new people and expand your study habits with a group.
  • Use your school’s academic support services. Many colleges have free workshops, tutoring and supplemental instruction sessions available for out-of-class help.

Click here to download a sample college schedule.

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