When is the right time to transfer colleges?

There are many reasons you may decide to transfer from one college to the next, and often it’s unplanned. You’ll have to do some legwork to make the switch work for you, but many Indiana colleges have come together to make transferring among institutions easier. These links will help you learn more about the process of transferring credits between schools, and transferring your financial aid.

Transferring is a big decision but can be a great move to make if you realize you’re looking for something different in your college career. Maybe your interests have evolved, you’ve changed your major, or you just aren’t happy where you are. When you transfer, you may lose some credits, which might set you back. You should make sure it’s the right decision for you by weighing the pros and cons.

You can start by talking to your academic advisor. They can review your current transcripts and show you what courses may transfer. Keep in mind that even if a course transfers, you’ll need to make sure it counts toward your degree program — not just as an elective.

Regardless of when you’re transferring or where you plan to transfer to, the best source of information is the college you plan to attend. Contact the admissions office to talk with an advisor and determine if you’ll receive credit for the courses you’ve already taken, and if those course credits will count toward your degree.

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