How can you be a better mentor?

The following resource list offers tips and tools to help you be a better mentor. Guidelines have been provided for developing a mentoring program that aligns with the Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards. You can also download materials you can use to coach students on how to manage stress, develop good study skills and be successful in school. Click on a resource title to download it or use the search box to find a particular topic.

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College mentors resource list

21st Century Scholar College Completion RequirementsDetails about how many credits 21st Century Scholars must take each semester of college to maintain their scholarship, plus tips for staying on track
2014-2015 ScholarCorps Host Site SupervisorsContact information for ScholarCorps host site supervisors
2014-2015 ScholarCorps Member RosterContact information for ScholarCorps AmeriCorps members
Sample Data InventoryCompleted sample of Data Inventory template
Data Inventory TemplateTemplate for mentoring programs to identify which college and career mentoring data points they currently track, and which they will track in the future
Sample Data DashboardCompleted sample of Data Dashboard -- see Mentoring Toolkit Resources section for template
Engaging Parents in College and Career MentoringPowerPoint presentation about engaging parents/guardians in your CCM program
Note-taking Checklist (for mentees)Student-facing tool mentees can use to evaluate their note-taking skills, then consider ways to improve them
Note-taking Formats Handout (for mentees)Student-facing handout showing mentees different methods of note-taking
Note-taking Tips Handout (for mentees)Student-facing handout with tips for better note-taking
Overcoming Test Anxiety Handout (for mentees)Student-facing handout with tips for overcoming test anxiety
Time Management Exercises Handout (for mentees)Student-facing handout with exercises to help build time management skills
Test Taking Checklist (for mentees)Student-facing tool mentees can use to evaluate their test-taking skills, then consider ways to improve them
Mentoring Policy and Procedure ManualInformation for mentoring organizations to guide the design of their policies and procedures
Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards: Guidelines for UseDetails about what the Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards are and how to use them
Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards: Measurement ToolTool for mentoring organizations to see how well their programming aligns with the Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards
Primer on College and Career Success MentoringInformation about the college and career success mentoring movement, nationally and in Indiana
Primer on the Impact of Mentoring on College Career SuccessInformation about the positive impact of college and career success mentoring
Primer on Quality Youth MentoringBackground information about what high-quality mentoring looks like
The Mentoring Effect ReportReport that discusses findings from a nationally representative survey of youths' perspectives on mentoring
Student Benchmarks for College and Career SuccessResource for mentors outlining benchmarks for students' success at various grade levels
Developing Students' GritPowerPoint presentation about how mentors can help students develop grit
Mentoring Students Through the Transition to CollegePowerPoint presentation about how to effectively mentor students through the transition between high school and college
KnowHow2GO Mentor WorkbookResource to help mentors guide students through the college preparation process

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