Parents & Educators

Parents & Educators

Information for Parents and Teachers

Are you looking for information to help keep your Scholars on track for college and career success? Explore the information below to find out everything you need to know about assisting your Scholars on their journey. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the 21st Century Scholars program here.

Learn about enrollment requirements and how to apply a student for 21st Century Scholars here.

ScholarTrack is how 21st Century Scholars complete the Scholar Success Program and maintain their scholarship. To create an account, they’ll need  their date of birth and Social Security number, Scholar ID or STN. Simply navigate to to create a student account. Note: students and parents need separate accounts.

Teachers, the student or parent/guardian may update a Scholar’s information, including what school he or she attends. In order to update information, you must have the student’s name, date of birth and Social Security number. You may also contact your Outreach Coordinator here.

Keep information updated to continue receiving information from 21st Century Scholars. In order to access a Scholar’s information, you must have his or her date of birth and Social Security number. The spelling of the first and last name must match the name given on the initial application.

Scholars must complete certain activities each year as a requirement of receiving their scholarship. As a parent, you can track the progress of your Scholar each year by logging in to ScholarTrack and linking your student’s account with yours.

A student, or parent/legal guardian on behalf of the student, that has been denied enrollment or removed from the 21st Century Scholars program has the right to file an appeal with the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Click here to submit an appeal, and familiarize yourself with the appeal process via this help document in English and Spanish. Please call our support center at 888-528-4719 if you have further questions about appeals.


Resources for Parents & Educators
Visit our Resources tab to access the resources you’ll need to set to assist students with earning and maintaining their 21st Century Scholarship.

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