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A few years ago, I thought it would be a smart idea to pull an all-nighter studying for finals week. I chugged two venti coffees, a Red Bull and tea  in a matter of hours and got to work. The next day I felt awful and could barely keep my eyes open to complete the test. Moral of the story, don’t be like me. I don’t actually think I retained much of the information I tried to osmosis into my brain from the night before, and I felt completely terrible the next day.  


Instead of wrecking yourself the night before finals, try these 4 finals study techniques: 

1. 2-3-5-7 Revision Rule 

This strategy tells you exactly when you should review for your exam to get the best results. 

  • Prep for your exam first by a getting or printing a calendar.  
  • Mark the day of your exam…  
  • The day before your exam you are always going to have a full review day so fill that in.  
  • Then count back two days and mark as a revision day.  
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  • Count back 3 days. This is your next revision day.  
  • Count 5 days back and mark.  
  • Lastly, count back 7 days. This will be the first day you review for your exam.  
  • You can fill in the rest of your exams on the same calendar and do the same using the 2-3-5-7 Revision Rule 

2. Flashcards and learning games 

Most people have heard of Quizlet, but have you used the “learn” feature? This feature helps you to completely learn your flashcards through review and quizzing. You can also play fun games with your flashcards that will help you remember the information you need for your exam.

3. Mind map a study plan 

Organize your study plan by creating a mind map of all the information you need to review. You can divide up your information by chapters, units, or topics of information. Then check off the categories you feel comfortable with. 

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4. Listen to your textbook and notes 

  • Sometimes listening to something helps your view information in a different way. Use the free trial of audible, the Hoopla library app or your textbook’s audio feature. 
  • You can also record yourself reading your notes on the voice memos app and listen to it as many times as it takes to retain the information. This is perfect for when you’re doing other things, like walking to class. 
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Good luck, happy holidays and you got this 👍 

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