You don’t have to be a traditional student to benefit from a great education. From getting your short-term certificate or degree to changing to an exciting new career, great opportunities open up once you start on the path back to school.

In Indiana alone, two million Hoosiers need additional training to compete in the 21st Century workforce, and there will be over 1 million job openings in Indiana due to retirements and the creation of new jobs in the next decade. Why wait? The next chapter of your life begins here.

Next Level Jobs

Next Level Jobs aims to take the state’s workforce to the next level with a focus on high-demand jobs driving Indiana’s economy forward. Indiana’s Workforce Ready Grant provides tuition-free training to earn a certificate in five of the state’s growing fields: Advanced Manufacturing, Building & Construction, IT & Business Services Health & Life Sciences, and Transportation & Logistics. These jobs typically have higher wages and are expanding rapidly. If you’re interested in a job in one of these areas, the Workforce Ready Grant can help.

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You Can. Go Back.

You Can. Go Back.
aims to help the 750,000+ Hoosier adults with some college but no degree finish what they started. Indiana colleges are committed to eliminating barriers for returning adults to help them finish their associate or bachelor’s degree. Many colleges are offering special programs and incentives—including flexible class schedules and online courses, college credit for work and military experience, and grade- and debt-forgiveness programs— as well as scholarships, tuition discounts and $2,000 Adult Student Grants on a first come, first serve basis for qualifying students.

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