By Symphanie Bolds, Indiana Commission for Higher Education Intern

Hey Scholar! You made it through middle school and you’ve started the next four years of your life that you’ve been waiting for. Before you get too far into high school – do you remember that pledge you took when you signed up for 21st Century Scholars? Let’s go over it to keep you on track so you can earn the 21st Century Scholarship.

I took a pledge? Yes! This pledge:

Taken Aback Meme
  • I pledge to graduate with a minimum of a Core 40 diploma from a state-accredited Indiana high school.
  • I will complete the Scholar Success Program in high school and in college that will help me stay on track for college and career success.
  • I will achieve a cumulative high school GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • I will not use illegal drugs or alcohol or commit a crime or delinquent act.
  • I will apply for admission to an eligible Indiana college my senior year and apply on time for student financial aid.
  • As a college student I will complete at least 30 credit hours each year to stay on track toward earning my degree on time.
  • I aim to succeed.

What is the Scholar Success Program?

In order to receive your 21st Century Scholarship, you will need to complete the Scholar Success Progam. The Scholar Success Program includes activities you’ll complete each year of high school and college to get you ready for success. Check out the high school activities below:

Scholar Track Ssp Activites

For 9th grade, you’ll need to complete these tasks:

9th Grade Ssp

#1 Create a Graduation plan

A graduation plan is something you’ll probably complete with your school counselor. Basically, this maps out all the classes that you have to take and want to take while you are in high school. You should update your plan annually to keep you on track for high school graduation and college admission. Learn more about graduation plans here.

#2 Participate in an Extracurricular or Service Activity

Are you involved in anything after school, like a sport or club? Or, do you like to volunteer on weekends at a local animal shelter or church? If so, you’ve checked this box! To meet this requirement, just participate in something – like sports, clubs, the arts, volunteering or something entirely different. Bonus: Colleges like to see students participate in after school activities, so you’re getting a jump start on your college application!

#3 Watch “Paying for College 101”

Sure, your 21st Century Scholarship is going to cover up to 100% of your tuition, but how much do you know about the other costs of college? You’ll also need to pay for books, supplies, transportation and maybe even housing. This 10 minute video will walk you though your options to keep college as affordable as possible.

How do I prove I completed my activities?

After you complete an activity, log into your ScholarTrack account to answer a couple of questions about what you did or learned by completing the activity. It won’t take you long, and it’s a great way to start thinking about how these requirements can translate to your college applications and financial aid IQ.

You can find tips for completing all twelve of your Scholar Success Program activities by visiting our page just for 21st Century Scholars in high school.

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