By Shannon Elward, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Counselors, educators and teachers: THIS WEEK is College GO! kick-off week and College Application Week! Now is a great time to get your students – from kindergarteners through seniors – involved in thinking about college. If you’re looking for resources and activities to make your COLLEGE GO! or College Application Week event a success, keep reading.

What is College GO!?

College Go Logo

College GO! is one of Learn More Indiana’s student success campaigns. The campaign is dedicated to helping students find the right postsecondary option that fits their personality, goals and interests. The campaign gives students options to explore their interests, research schools, visit campuses, and apply for college.

Note: Learn More Indiana considers “college” and “postsecondary option” to include 4-year colleges as well as 2-year colleges, apprenticeships, the military or any other option that gives students a valuable degree or credential. This is a great week to introduce students to all kinds of options!

Getting Involved

All schools in Indiana are encouraged to get involved in College GO! and College Application Week efforts. What does getting involved mean? Simply giving students time during the school day to participate in activities or programming designed to learn about college options, explore particular college options, think about what they want to be when they grow up or apply to college. To sign up to be recognized as an official College GO! or College Application Week host site: fill out this form.


We have resources available at suitable for grades k-12. Highlights include:

High schools

College Application Week is for you! Provide time and space for your seniors to apply to at least one college! Get all the materials and resources you need to host an event in the College Application Week dropdown menu here. While we’ve had a lot of virtual events, there are still many more this week, too! And, don’t forget to sign up to be counted as an official event host here.

And, don’t forget, many of Indiana’s colleges and universities are waiving their application fees for applicants this week! Find out more application information here – just click “show table.” And here’s a PDF that lists all the colleges waiving fees – and waiver codes if necessary.

Let us know what you’re doing

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