By Kenzie Allen✌️

Congrats! You completed another year of school! 🎉

Whether you just graduated high school and are headed to your freshman year of college or you’re returning to a familiar campus in the fall, making it to summer is something to be proud of. Here’s a list of fun and worthwhile activities you can do this summer to relax while also setting yourself up for success.

My Project 8 Copy 5

1. Find something to learn about that makes you excited.📖

School can be hard, stressful and a lot of work, which can make learning feel like a chore. Try exploring something that you are passionate about this summer and challenge yourself to learn. 

2. Clean out your closet, donate to a local thrift store and grab a few new items for next school year.🛍️

Even if you don’t choose to clean out your closet, organizing something else and rewarding yourself with a few new things for next semester can help starting a new semester be a little less daunting. 

3. Research scholarships and apply.💸

There’s a lot of scholarships out there and even some that go unused. Check out these scholarship resources to see how you can make some extra cash for next semester. 

4. Find time to read (or listen to) something that isn’t a textbook.📘

Studying textbooks can be an all-consuming task. By the time you’re done reading your 15lb backpack weight, it’s hard to fine the motivation to read for fun. Take advantage of free time this summer and pick up a fiction, self-help or sci-fi book. If you don’t like reading, listen to one through your library’s free local app. 

5. Volunteer at an organization that relates to your future career.🫶

Dedicate 1 or 2 days to an organization you’re passionate about and/or relates to what you want to do someday. Your time is super powerful, and you can donate it to something that will give back in your community and your life. Click here to read about a few different ways you can do this.

6. Go on a hike or sit in nature for a bit.🌳

The weather is finally warmer! After a long Midwest winter, why would you not enjoy some sun?


7. Find a leader in your industry who inspires you and look at what they did in their career to get where they are.🤩

As a student, sometimes it’s hard to know what you’ll do after school (there are so many options). But looking at what someone has done before you and analyzing how you can apply certain action steps is really helpful. Research some industry leaders and check out their LinkedIn profiles to see what path they took.

8. Get a job.💰

The obvious reason to get a job is to make money, but keep in mind that every professional experience you have now will help prepare you for your future career. Use your money for fun, for future school expenses or for savings. Just as importantly, try to make an impact at every job you have to build that resume for the future!

9. Write down 3-5 SMART goals for next school year.⛅

It’s important to keep a few goals in mind when you’re looking at the semester ahead. What do you really want to accomplish next school year? Pick 3-5 Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timelygoals to keep in mind for the 2022-2023 school year. 

10. RELAX.😴

If you don’t do anything else this summer, then at least relax. Summer break exists for a reason, and sometimes you need to recover from a long semester of cramming, long days with friends and studying. Take advantage of the simple pleasure of doing nothing this summer so that you are re-charged and ready for a new semester in the fall.


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