Financial Aid for Adults

Financial Aid for Adults

Is There Aid for Me?

Returning to school is expensive, and the costs might seem like too much. With scholarships, grants and aid, however, you can afford to continue your education journey.


Many scholarships don’t have any age restrictions and are open to any student. Some scholarships – Indiana’s Adult Student Grant and Workforce Ready Grant – are specifically designed for working adults. The State of Indiana recognizes that adult learners have different needs and usually are already working, so more resources are there to make sure they can succeed. To learn more tips for searching and applying for scholarships, check out our scholarships page.

The FastWeb scholarship database lists more than 230 awards with a restricted minimum age of 25, and more than 50 awards with a minimum age of 30. These awards are designed for adult learners and aren’t available to high-school students — increasing the likelihood you’ll earn one. Some scholarships and grants are specifically for single parents, working mothers, those dealing with disability, and more.

We’ve got your back so you can move forward. Rapid Recovery for a Better Future is Indiana’s people-focused initiative providing resources and support for Hoosiers to secure education, training, as well as skills and career coaching, and increasing access to quality jobs. Federal funding through the CARES Act enables Indiana to temporarily expand the Next Level Jobs program by:

In addition to workforce training, Rapid Recovery for a Better Future is also committed to helping Hoosiers take their next step in finding a job, securing emergency aid, childcare support or food assistance, Your Next Step starts here.

Special Programs

Some colleges have onsite daycares available for parents. Many colleges offer free courses to senior citizens who wish to audit certain classes, or offer reduced course fees if the classes will count toward a degree.  Contact the student services department on campus at your college to learn more about what they can offer you.

Employer Reimbursement

$5,250 Exclusion from Income
Your employer can provide you with up to $5,250 (tax-free) in employer education assistance benefits for undergraduate or graduate courses each year. This money can be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies. It is a combined limit, so even if you work for several employers, the maximum amount you can receive per year is $5,250. Ask your employer about their reimbursement program.

Employer-Sponsored Scholarships
Your employer may have scholarships available to employees. Employers are allowed to set their own scholarships and are not allowed to require past, present or future teaching, research or other services by the student to the employer as a condition for receipt of the award. Ask your employer about a scholarship!

Tuition Waivers and Reductions
If you are an employee of a college or university, your employer may offer tuition waivers or reductions for undergraduate or graduate education.

Planning to

Borrow money for college?

Learn about all the types of loans, repayment schedules, and everything else you need to know about student loans.

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