Going back to School

Going back to School

Reclaim Your Education

Whether advancing your career, trying to make more money, achieving a dream or providing a positive example for your loved ones, there are any number of reasons why you might want to go back to school and continue your education as an adult learner. Maybe you’re just starting a degree, or maybe you took some college courses years ago and want to see if they still count towards a degree. Discover how you can take control of your education.

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Find a degree program you'll love

Learn about what kinds of degrees are available and how to pick a college to attend.

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Balancing School With Work and Family

Going to school while dealing with work or a family can be stressful, especially for people dealing with both. When the challenge can seem too hard, remember some of these guidelines for coping.

Be Organized

Keep your schoolwork in one place, and make a schedule for deadlines, classes and meetings. Keeping school separate from the other parts of your life will give you the peace and focus you need. 

Be Positive

Managing school on top of adult life is a big challenge, but stick with it and you’ll succeed. It might not always seem realistic, or even possible, but don’t let stress ruin what you’re aiming for. Stay positive, and know that it can be done. If you’re still struggling with stress, see where you can turn to on your campus if you need help.

Be Flexible

For students with work or family, every day will be different and come with different challenges. However, it’s easier when you reach a level of understanding with your work and professors. Be sure to ask your employer about flexibility in your schedule, as well as if you can stay updated on your student email during working hours. School is a full-time job as well. Stay flexible on what activities you commit to, and work or study whenever you find the time that day. Also, when necessary, don’t be afraid to ask your professors if they can be flexible with a deadline. If they understand your situation and know you’re making an earnest effort, they might be more inclined to help you.

There are Resources to Help With Childcare

If you have a child, you won’t always have the time to do both, and you might need to compromise. With programs like Early Learning Indiana, you’ll have to compromise less while making sure your children are in safe hands. To learn more, click here. Your child may also qualify for the On My Way Pre-K program. Visit their website to learn more.

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Chart a course for your career

Now that you're getting the education you need, learn more about how to find the perfect career.

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Find the Right College

With so many options, you’ll be able to find a college that’s exactly right for you. With traditional classes as well as online programs and specially-made adult learning programs. Find the right college for you and contact college ambassadors to learn more.

Private College Ambassadors

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Public College Ambassadors

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Get Help Paying for College

Financial Aid Available for Returning Adults

Learn about scholarships and grants available to adult learners returning to finish their degree or adults just starting on their college journey.

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Finish School Faster

You want to accomplish your goals faster, and with an accelerated degree program, you can complete your associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree faster than normal college programs. Accelerated programs are at most colleges, and can get you into the job you want faster. These programs have a large time commitment while you’re in them, but end up taking about half as long as normal courses. Being employed during these can be a challenge, so accelerated courses might not be for everyone. 

Accelerated degrees are full of real-world experience opportunities and academic support, and might be right for you. See the quickest way to get your degree, and see the programs that might be right for you.

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