Get experience working directly for a company.

With an internship, you’ll actually experience working for a company or organization. They usually last a set amount of time — like a semester or a summer — and are typically available for college students, but more organizations are creating internships for high school students, too.

Some internships are full-time, and some may only be a few hours a week. Some may offer stipends or payment, but even if they don’t, it can definitely pay off in experience and networking. It may even land you a job later.

Most colleges or universities have a career services office or department that can help you find internship opportunities in your field. Another good way to search is by going directly to the companies you’re interested in working for — many will post internship openings on a careers page of their website.

Indiana internship resources:
  • provides a searchable database of internship opportunities in Indiana.
  • Internships with Indiana’s state government are available. Learn more about opportunities here.
  • EARN Indiana is a state work-study program. You can learn more about EARN here.


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