Stop Doubting Your College Chances… Here’s Why

LMI Blog Maria Sanchez

I’ve never known a student who hasn’t second guessed whether they will get to college (let alone if they really want to go). There’s always that moment when you doubt whether you can afford it, if your grades are good enough or if you should even go because, “How am I supposed to already know […]

Career Ready Kickoff in Kindergarten

Remember asking yourself “What do I want to do with my life?” when you were in high school? Well today, the next generation begins the reflection as early as Kindergarten! As a result, a constant effort is being made to give children the opportunity to explore many exciting possibilities of what they could be. Keep reading […]

National Scholarship Month: Scholarships 101

November is National Scholarship Month! That means it’s time to talk about the importance of scholarships when it comes to funding a college education. There’s a lot of talk about the rising costs of college, but scholarships are a great way to keep those costs low. From $500 to $30,000 – and everything in between […]

Celebrating National Mentoring Month

Pursuing a college degree or certificate can be a daunting task if it’s your first time. You’re not alone in feeling nervous or scared, but understand that there are plenty of people who have done it before and want to help you achieve your goal. January is National Mentoring Month, and we hope this blog […]

Find Your Future: Virtual Career Exploration Activities

Not sure what career you’re interested in? There are tons to choose from, so it can be difficult to even decide on a few options to look into! A few months ago, we posted about some great career exploration tools, like exploring Indiana Career Explorer and Indiana Career Ready. And don’t forget—your family, school counselors and teachers can be […]

Hispanic Heritage Month: Vecinas De Enlace in Bartholomew County

How would you feel if you moved to a place where you didn’t understand the language being spoken around you? Or where you weren’t familiar with the culture? And even everyday systems such as education were completely different? These are all very real and important questions that impact Hoosier immigrants and their families every day. […]

Beginning a Career Change: Internships & Adult Students

Internships can be an impactful experience to help individuals apply new knowledge, grow their skills, and most importantly break into a new industry. Typically, people assume an intern is a young adult currently in college or recently graduated with limited experience. That doesn’t have to be the case. Adults who already are working can leverage […]

Celebrating Black History Month: Indiana’s Black Trailblazers for Education

We know that the racial/ethnic diversity of our country and in Indiana is increasing. One area where that has become most apparent are our Indiana classrooms at all education levels. We recently reported in the Commission for Higher Education’s annual Equity Report that the amount of non-White high school graduates has grown more than 10 percent since […]

21st Century Scholars: Helping Indiana Students Achieve Their Dreams for 30 Years

For 30 years, Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program has helped thousands of income-eligible students aspire to – and afford – a college education. Currently, around 100,000 students are enrolled across the state from 7th grade through college. A national model for student success, the Scholars program has always had one goal in mind: get more Hoosiers […]

National Mentoring Month: Surrounding Yourself With Good People

DEFINING MENTORSHIP It took me several years into my career to fully appreciate the weight of my father’s words. “Samantha, it is critical that you surround yourself with good people.” Over time, I have worked to decipher what he meant by “good.” I would consistently run into roadblocks on my search for these “good” people because […]

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