What expenses can I expect in college?

Tuition and fees are the basic costs for college. This money pays for your classes and related mandatory fees. This represents about 35% of the cost of college.

Housing is where you’ll live. This could include on- or off-campus housing, and costs about 35% of the total you’ll spend on college, on average.

Meals include meal plans and eating out. Usually meal plans are good options for students who don’t have access to kitchens, because eating out can be expensive. This represents about 8% of your college costs.

Books and supplies will be needed for classes and are about 6% of your college costs.

You’ll also need to plan for other spending — clothes, travel, and things like that. This is estimated at about 16% of your total spending for college.



Planning to borrow money for college?

More education can lead to more promotions.

Your employer may help pay your tuition to advance your career.