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We know that as an educator, you want to give your students every possible opportunity to succeed. The resources available to Indiana students go far beyond scholarships, but many students and families might not know how many resources they have available to use. From getting ready for college, to help on knowing how to pay, to making a career path plan, these initiatives and resources can help students get on the right path to education and stay there.

College GO! Campaign

College GO! — College GO! is dedicated to helping students find the right college that fits their personality and interests. From August through November, College GO! gives students options to research schools and visit campuses, and then guide them through the steps of preparing and applying for college. See the resources that College GO! provides below.

College Application Day, a national initiative of the American College Application Campaign (ACAC), aims to increase the number of first-generation and low-income students who pursue education after high school. The purpose is to help high school seniors navigate the college admissions process and ensure each student submits at least one admissions application.

In Indiana, College Application Day is part of Learn More Indiana’s annual College GO! campaign. In the chart below, check out the colleges in Indiana who offer fee waivers to students who apply on College Application Day (September 28), College GO! week (September 24-28) or College GO! month (September).

Click on Admissions Info to learn which colleges are waiving their application fees.

Cash for College Campaign

Cash for College — learning how to pay for it all (Dec – Mar).
There’s no two ways about it, college is expensive. Many families might not know about all of the options they have to help make college more affordable. This makes it harder to give children the education they need to succeed. From December to March, Cash for College holds workshops and hands out materials so that families can learn more and take on their FAFSA forms with confidence.

Career Ready Campaign

Career Ready — planning your career path (Apr – Jul). College exists as part of a plan to get students to the career they want, which is why it’s so important to help students discover their career path before committing to college. Career ready, operating from April to July, hands out materials and helps organize career fairs and speakers to help students figure out what their career interests are. Learn more about helping students discover their passions through Career Ready.

Learn More Student Success Magazines

We at Learn More Indiana are proud to publish magazines designed for every age level on how students can get ready for college. See our different Student Success Magazines and download a copy of the one that works for you.Learn More Indiana publishes Learn More magazines for every age level, from kindergarten to adults, designed to help students take the right steps to prepare for and succeed in college.

College Success Guide

To help your seniors plan for the transition to college, download our College Success Guide to share with students. There’s also an accompanying Facilitator’s Manual, provided here as one comprehensive PDF or as individual lesson plans, to help you conduct classroom lessons and activities to help seniors prepare for college.


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Note: Information accurate as of August 2018. Please contact your college for additional details.



You want to be sure that your students are on top of the application process, and that includes making sure they have every resource they need to fill out the proper applications and waivers. See these resources on how to get materials and help students continue to pursue their goals.

NOTE: All totals are based on full-time residential student status (typically about 30 Credit Hours per year). Tuition costs include mandatory student fees/charges. Room and board is based on double occupancy and the largest meal plan available.

Institution Tuition Room & Board Total
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Many Indiana colleges offer application fee waivers to encourage students to apply regardless of financial difficulty or other circumstances. If you can’t find information about fee waivers on a college’s admissions web page, call and ask. Most colleges offer more fee waivers than students realize.

  • 21st Century Scholars
    If you’re a 21st Century Scholar, you may receive automatic fee waivers at some Indiana colleges.
  • Campus Visits
    Some colleges award an automatic fee waiver to students who have participated in a campus visit day. If you’re planning on visiting, ask about fee waivers.
  • Children of Veterans or Veterans
    You may be applying to a college that waives application fees for children of veterans, or may offer you a free application if you are a veteran. It is worth it to to ask.
  • Financial Need
    If you show financial need, most colleges are able to provide financial assistance. If you aren’t sure if you can afford the fee, ask the college if it can be waived.
  • Foster Children
    Foster children, orphans and wards of the state can receive a fee waiver through the NACAC fee waiver, which must be approved by your school counselor. If you are a foster child or orphan, your college may automatically waive your application fee.
  • Free and Reduced Lunch
    If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you may also automatically qualify for a fee waiver. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch can also take the SAT and ACT for free. Ask your school counselor for more information.
  • NACAC/Guidance Counselor Waiver
    The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) offers a fee waiver for students whose families have an income below federal poverty level, who participate in the 21st Century Scholars program, who live in federally subsidized public housing, whose families receive public assistance or who meet other criteria. In order to receive the NACAC fee waiver, you must submit an application through your school counselor. Learn more about requirements here.

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