21st Century Scholars

21st Century Scholars


College seems like a long way off, but as a Scholar, you’re already well on your way down your path to get there. There are lots of things you can do right now to set yourself up to be successful in high school, college and your future career.

Even if you don’t know exactly what career you want to pursue or what type of college you want to attend, it’s important to start thinking about it now and make a plan that will help you reach your goals. As a 21st Century Scholar you’ll participate in the Scholar Success Program during high school, which includes completing 12 activities that will help you stay on track for college and career success. You’ll also commit to the Scholar Pledge, which includes meeting other academic requirements and staying away from drugs and crime. Track your progress online and complete the requirements by creating a ScholarTrack account.

See how you can prepare for high school and college success:

1. Work hard in school.

Develop good study habits, participate in class and earn good grades.

2. Get involved outside the classroom.

Colleges look for well-rounded students who demonstrate leadership and devote time to their schools and communities. Stand out by getting involved with extracurricular activities and clubs at your school, and take advantage of volunteer opportunities to serve the community.

3. Start exploring your career options.

Use the resources on this site to learn about different careers, explore your interests and take a career assessment test. You can also learn about what degrees are required for different careers. Visit the career section and learn more.

4. Research Indiana colleges.

The 21st Century Scholarship can be applied to an eligible 2-year or 4-year Indiana college. Learn about the different kinds of colleges around Indiana and what degrees they offer. View the Indiana College map to see the eligible colleges and visit the college section to learn more. You’re sure to find a college that offers a degree to fit your goals!

5. Start saving for college.

The 21st Century Scholarship covers up to four years of college tuition, but there are additional expenses to consider – like books and meal plans. Begin researching what college costs, what financial aid is available and what steps you will need to take to pay for expenses not covered by your scholarship. Visit the cost section to get started.

6. Succeed in college.

Once in college, be sure to complete your college degree on schedule and maintain your 21st Century Scholarship throughout college. Many colleges offer incentives and support services for Scholars. Learn more about succeeding in college here.

For more information about your scholarship, visit Scholars.IN.gov. If you aren’t already a Scholar, learn more about the eligibility requirements.

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