What are college entrance exams?

College entrance exams are tests that score you on your comprehension of high school concepts. Most colleges require you earn a certain score on the test, but higher scores can benefit you in other ways, too. Many scholarships are available to students with high entrance exam scores.


It’s recommended that you take the SAT in your junior year. That way, you can retake it as a senior if you want to improve your scores. The SAT includes reading, writing and math sections, with optional subject tests available. You can get registered and find practice activities at the College Board.


Like the SAT, the ACT should be taken in your junior year so you have an option to retake it as a senior. The ACT includes English, math, reading and science. There is also a writing option, which adds a 30-minute writing test. Make sure to find out if the colleges you are applying to require a writing test. Sign up for the ACT and find out what’s included on the test at the ACT homepage.


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