21st Century Scholars Alumni

Our 21st Century Scholars alumni is a network of previous Scholars who completed the 21st Century Scholarship program and successfully graduated with a four-year degree. We love seeing the impact our alumni have already made on their communities as well as the stories of their success through this program. Stay connected by joining this network and sharing your story.


Our 21st Century Scholars Alumni are making a difference!

William Logan Downing

Northview High School, class of 2013

“The 21st century scholar program made it possible for me to attend college without fear of debt coming out. This was pivotal as it made it possible for me to make it through my first year out of college when I wasn't making much. I ended up pivoting my career and coming back to grad school which is how I've gotten to where I am now. 21st Century was a blessing to my career path.”

Gloria Combs

Excel Center Meadows, class of 2013

“I became a college graduate breaking the cycle of three generations of single mother dropouts in my family. I was accepted to IUPUI for the IU School of Social Work. I graduated in June 2021. Determined to be an example to my two young sons, I began to teach them the value of an education and giving back to the community. I put back the sense of urgency and importance of education back into my home. I also inspired my husband and mother to return to school. None of this would have been possible without the support of 21st Century Scholars. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to show my family I could do it.”

Urooj Quershi

Pike High School, class of 2005

"The opportunities that I was afforded being a 21st Century scholar were endless. As a first-generation college student of an immigrant family, the 21st Century scholar program allowed me the opportunity to live and realize the American dream. I will forever be thankful for the program"

McKenna Clifford

DeKalb High School, class of 2015

“The opportunity to be a 21st Century Scholar is something I will always be grateful for. The program alleviated a huge portion of the financial stress associated with attaining a college education. It is amazing the doors this program opens for so many Hoosiers.”


There are more than 45,000 Scholar alumni who have successfully completed the 21st Century Scholars Program. Join other talented leaders from across the state of Indiana by connecting with our alumni network.

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  • Earned a postsecondary degree or certificate

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The Indiana ScholarCorps program is an AmeriCorps program designed to expand the level of support provided for 21st Century Scholars on college campuses through individualized assistance and on-campus programs and services that promote college completion. ScholarCorps members are placed at select colleges and universities across Indiana and serve as a valued on-campus resource to 21st Century Scholars enrolled at that university.

Full-time ScholarCorps members earn incredible rewards, include:

  • Student loan deferment and interest forbearance
  • Living allowance
  • Education award money for college and trade school
  • Professional development
  • Alumni network

Learn more about ScholarCorps by contacting Cassandra Lim at clim@che.in.gov.


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