Grades K-5

Grades K-5

Your future starts early.

Planning for your child’s future starts early. College seems like a long way off, and in a way, it is. However, there’s so much you can do with your child during this period to help prepare them for a college education. Follow these steps to help them learn all about different jobs and colleges — and have fun along the way!


Figuring out what they want to be when they get older is exciting for a child! The following checklist will help you prepare them for what’s ahead. Read through the list items and follow the links to work through each one.

  1. Read LEARN MORE magazine
    Take some time to read through your Learn More magazine together. It’s filled with fun activities made just for your child! There’s information all about what they may want to do when they grow up, and a roadmap of how you can make sure they get there. You may receive a copy from your child’s school, but you can download a copy for K-2 (English) (Spanish) or 3-5 (English) (Spanish) here.
  2. Read more books
    Try to inspire a love of reading as much as you can. Not only does reading get their imagination running, it also helps them learn new words and ideas! Get started by downloading a reading list here, and consider starting a “family reading time” to show them that reading can be fun!
  3. Teach them all about college
    Explain the basic facts of college to your child: it’s a school they can go to after high school, and it’s where they can learn how to do the job they want to do when they grow up. Ask if they have any questions about college, and let them know they can ask you or a teacher anytime they feel curious about it. If they have older siblings or cousins in college, you could visit them on campus. Visit our college section to learn more.
  4. Help them decide what they might like to be when they grow up
    Talk to your child about what they are interested in and what they like to do. Encourage them to ask you, their aunts, uncles, neighbors and beyond about their careers — what they do at work and how they got their jobs. Visit our career section to learn more.
  5. Start saving for the future
    Start saving for your child’s college now! Open an Indiana CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan, and explain the importance of savings to your child. It only takes $10 to get started, and your child’s account will be able to grow, free of taxes. Get started at

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