Helping your child succeed in school

Helping your child succeed in school

Tips to help your child succeed in school:

You might be thinking that grade school is too early to start preparing your child for college, but it’s never too early to start, and the foundation they build up in grade school can actually translate well into college. Visit the individual student pages on our site to find checklists for your child, and learn how to encourage them now so they’ll be prepared for college when they’re older.

  • Review your child’s homework every day.
  • Keep up with your child’s progress reports. Know what grades they are making and attend parent/teacher conferences.
  • Make sure there’s a quiet place for your child to study at home. Work with them to make it a place they enjoy, but keep it free from distractions.
  • Encourage your child with approval. Praising their good behaviors can keep them incentivized to succeed while avoiding negativity.
  • Get them involved. Give your child specific tasks to complete, and make sure they are participating and contributing in their own way.
  • Draw connections to real life. Kids want to understand how they can use the knowledge they are learning.
  • Talk to them about career and college plans.

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